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Top Swimming Pool Trends for 2015

Some predictions for trends in design and function in 2015

  1. Interiors – Whilst pebble interiors still lead the charge; mostly due to affordability; there has been a huge growth in the use of Jewels 4 Pools ( – a 100% crystal bead in geo polymer. The finish is smooth and vibrant, there is a much wider range of colours, and it is guaranteed to never fade.
  2. Size – Due to the increasing trend in high-density living, people are opting for space-saving designs where there is more allowance for the outdoor living area but no compromise on function. Whether it be a plunge pool, lap pool, swim spa or hybrid, the old design rules no longer apply and a design can be tailored for almost any space ensuring the perfect marriage of form and function.
  3. Shape – Forget the rules- no longer is a kidney, freeform or rectangular pool your only design option. Todays’ designs borrow from architecture and history to create incredible innovative shapes and concepts that transform your outdoor living space to achieve your design vision

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